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We offer automation services through planning, installation and maintenance activities, with historical expertise in industrial innovation.


System integration

An effective system integration project allows you to enhance technological investments in applications and platforms in order to expand your business in the digital age.


Industrial automation is the application of the technical aspects of cybernetics, the science that studies and creates machines capable of "self-regulation", which can help or replace humans in certain operations or processes.

Software development

Design and development of Web and Mobile applications for logistic control and industrial automation. Our flagship is the Agilog Platform, a modular WMS / WMFC / WCS for the 360-degree management of automated warehouses.


We have all the key departments to design any facility. We can count on the offices of: Mechanical Design, Electrical Design, PLC Programming, PC Programming and R&D office. We are constantly updating ourselves to provide a safe and reliable service.


The quality and innovation of made in Italy technology for enamelling, squaring and lapping of ceramic surfaces of all sizes are the references of a young company that has made industrial innovation its mission, in an overall vision that combines multiple factors and guarantees highly performing and competitive products.

Spare Parts

Each of our products is made with commercial components that are easily available in a short time, but normally managed by our internal automatic warehouse which deals with the management, picking and rapid retrieval of components, semi-finished and finished products.

Customer care

From emergency interventions to on-site personnel, you will find all the support you need at our Customer Service Helpdesk. We develop customized service agreements based on the needs of our customers.

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