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Our expertise in the logistics sector


Logistics sector

Automation in the logistics sector involves the creation of automatic transport and storage systems. The objectives are: to maximize performance, ensure process safety and optimize the logistics operations that take place inside and outside the warehouse.

This is a booming trend as more and more companies are betting.

Know how

The advantages that logistic automation brings are numerous, starting from the reduction of costs, to the improvement of performance and to the optimization of the warehouse surface. All this consequently affects investments: the return on investment becomes faster.

Demonstrable return on investment.

Better quality of work for operators.

Reduction of operating costs.

Logistics sector

We develop solutions for small, medium and large companies based on particular needs: warehouse management, restocking, arrangement of products on the shelves, control and management of deadlines, goods refills, cardboard packaging, application of electronic labels, remodeling and loading and unloading goods.

Errevi Elettric specialists can also support the points of sale in the analysis of needs related to the seasonality of sales and promotional campaigns and can set up and maintain inventories.

It is not certain that every company is obliged to adopt automation systems . The analyzes and feasibility studies can be useful for establish in which areas of the warehouse automation can be used and in which maybe it is better to leave the current organization. It is about carefully evaluate costs and benefits to obtain a level of automation tailored and adequate according to the sector to which the company belongs.


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