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Automated guided vehicles

Our self-driving shuttles favor industrial automation and increase business competitiveness.


Automated guided vehicles

The AGVs or automatic guided vehicles that we produce at Errevi Elettric are for the transport of loads within industrial plants and are designed tailor-made for the customer . They are characterized by the ability to transport heavy or delicate loads efficiently and safe for the load and for the operators. With our inductive power systems, we enable 24/7 operation of self-driving systems and vehicles.

With our inductive power systems, we enable 24/7 operation of automated guided systems and vehicles.

Know how

Our self-driving vehicles are coordinated by the fleet manager Agilog and are used in logistics and industry. Their goal is the handling of products or components within a plant.

Load capacity up to 2000 KG

Maximum speed up to 1.5 m / s

360 ° laser scanner for work area protection

Automatic guided vehicles

Upper module: customizable according to the application.
Lower model: standard, easily removable for application.

The AGV shuttles move through an induction system that does not require the use of batteries. This means there are no disposal problems, the shuttles are always operational and no recharge cycles are required. The results? Clean energy and time savings!

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