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Pallet Shuttle

We offer automation services through planning, installation and maintenance activities, with historical expertise in industrial innovation.

NAVISTAR - Pallet Shuttle

Navistar is a pair of shuttles for the integration of automatic systems in the handling processes of intensive storage warehouses. The goal is to reduce costs and increase the performance of the supply chain. Forklifts are replaced by a mother shuttle and a satellite shuttle.


Multi-depth storage

Beyond tradition

In addition to the traditional stacker cranes for the storage of products on single or double depth static shelving, Errevi Elettric also manufactures multi-depth automatic storage systems supported by shuttles, which facilitate optimal use of space and very high storage densities.


A flexible solution

Navistar is the shuttle for pallets that Errevi Elettric makes available to companies in the most diverse sectors. It has been designed to guarantee greater traction and a better distribution of the load on the guides. These features help to optimize the warehouse, increasing efficiency, increasing performance and ensuring maximum safety of materials and operators.


A versatile shuttle

Thanks to its versatility, Navistar can be used even in cold rooms, with temperatures down to -30° C.

Technical specifications

1500 kg

3 seconds

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